A Cooperative Approach to Laboratory Safety

Schools that participate in this training cooperative agree to recognize & accept the courses here as evidence of introductory training on a variety of laboratory safety topics. While each school and research institution has specific information and training that you must know, completion of the courses here demonstrate that you have a fundamental knowledge of “best practices” in laboratory safety. This approach will save you and your host institutions time and effort—helping to ensure everyone knows the “basics” of good lab practice! Read on to learn more!

This site is brought to you in partnership of

New Hampshire IDeA Network of Biological Research Excellence

The NH-INBRE is designed to;

  1. increase opportunities for students and faculty at Partner institutions to participate in original scientific research;
  2. expand the base of ongoing research and research capacity at the Lead and Partner institutions and support the associated research cultures;
  3. increase the frequency at which students who graduate from Partner institutions continue doing biomedical research in graduate education or employment;
  4. enhance the science and technology training of the NH workforce;
  5. enhance the bioinformatics infrastructure that is required for modern biomedical research.

Sponsored by the National Center for Research Resources at the National Institutes of Health, the New Hampshire IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence - or INBRE - is a collaborative network of 2 year and 4 year colleges in the State of New Hampshire.

NH-INBRE partners include Colby Sawyer College, Dartmouth Medical School, Franklin Pierce University, Great Bay Community College, Keene State College, New England College, Plymouth State University, River Valley Community College, Saint Anselm's College, and University of New Hampshire.

Dartmouth College Environmental Health & Safety

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) at Dartmouth College provided the idea and energy to create this site for scientists around the world. Many of the introductory lectures (like Risk, Rewards & Ratio) were created by EHS using accepted references and “good practice” around the world. These programs are intended to help scientists everywhere focus on “doing the right thing” and reduce the need to train and retrain on fundamental concepts. We always welcome your ideas, contributions & suggestions!


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BioRAFT's experience in web-based training, safety and compliance management was critical to the successful development and deployment of this site.

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